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Integrated Green Energy Limited

  • MAR 30, 2015: Fuel Purification System Installed. The massive 8m tall fuel purification system has been installed onto the Catalytic Reforming Module. The fuel purification system was built in a secure workshop to protect the intellectual property secrets and designs which allow it to efficiently purify over 2.5 tonnes per hour of plastic derived fuel. After manufacturing, it was then crane lifted into place in several pieces and assembled in-situ. “The facility is really starting to take shape, and we are on target for commissioning.” says Bevan Dooley, CEO. Read more.
  • UPDATE MAR 26, 2015: CRM Lifted Into Place. The giant Catalytic Reforming Module (CRM) which acts as the heart of the IGE waste-to-fuel facility has been crane lifted into place at the core of the facility. Larger than a double-decker bus, and weighing over 20 tonnes, moving it was a major operation requiring two 20-tonne cranes and one 80-tonne crane. The platform, along with electrical and piping connections has already been prepared and the CRM fit smoothly into place. The team are now connecting all sensors, process and quality control equipment, piping and utility services to the CRM. “We are on target for the start of commissioning in one month” says Bevan Dooley, CEO. Read more.

  • UPDATE MAR 23, 2015: Catalytic Reforming Module Completed. The heart of the IGE waste-to-fuel facility is the Catalytic Reforming Module (CRM). This hi-tech device lies at the core of the facility and subjects the plastics to high temperatures and catalytic media in the absence of oxygen in order to convert them to fuel. Read more.


  • UPDATE MAR 18, 2015: Binding Agreement Executed with IGE. FOY has entered into a binding Agreement with Integrated Green Energy Limited (IGE) to acquire  royalty-free, perpetual licences  to commercialise their technologies for plastics to fuel conversion, biomass to fuel conversion, and biomass to energy conversion.
  • Under this Agreement, FOY will also acquire the IGE  commercial waste plastics to diesel and petrol conversion plant which is under construction at Berkeley Vale, approximately 100kms north of Sydney.
  • These technologies allow the processing of both recyclable and non-recyclable waste plastic into diesel and  petrol and gas for power generation; and also treatment of Biomass to Fuel and Biomass to Energy.

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Amazon Bay Project

  • Large Exploration Target of vanadiferous titanomagnetite sands spanning over 100km of the southern PNG coastline.
  • EL1396 is the key tenement covering  the deposit and together with other regional approved tenements, FOY has a land holding of 1,434 sq. km.
  • Favourable logistics and proximity to major developments

Board of Directors

  • Strong management track record
  • Clear strategy & structure to create shareholders value